Handwerk + Form is one of the most significant competitions combining design and craftsmanship and a vital force in establishing relationships between local manufacturers and designers from Austria and abroad. It highlights the versatility and innovative capacity of the region’s crafts and trades, ranging from food production to furniture makers, the building industry and service providers.

Founded more than two decades ago by the Crafts and Trades Association of the local community of Andelsbuch in cooperation with graphic designer Harry Metzler. Handwerk + Form took place for the eighth time in October 2018. Ever since 2000, Werkraum Bregenzerwald organises this competition – and the legendary walkabout – every three years.


Handwerk + Form Magazine (in German only)

The concept of locally made craft products in collaboration with designers can flourish because it addresses a hot topic: the acceleration of the demand of local products with high-end quality which are sustainable for the future. Sustainable in the sense of environmental friendly materialisation and to inherit the pieces to another generation.


Rianne Makkink
Jury member 2018, architect and partner Studio Makkink&Bey, Rotterdam



Photographer: Florian Holzherr

Werkraum Bregenzerwald

Werkraum Bregenzerwald is the association of about 90 local crafts and trade enterprises. Established in 1999, the platform strives to support its members on all levels and to maintain and secure the leading role of the local crafts. In 2013, the association set up its premises in the heart of Andelsbuch, in the newly erected Werkraumhaus by architect Peter Zumthor.


Handwerkerverein Andelsbuch

Craft and Trade Association Andelsbuch

Craft and Trade Association Andelsbuch

The Handwerk + Form design competition was first held in 1991 in celebration of the 200-year anniversary of the community’s Craft and Trade Association. The creative spirit and driving force behind this event, besides many craftspeople from the region, was and is graphic designer Harry Metzler.

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Interviews: Karin Guldenschuh

Camera: Aro Film - Alexander Roschanek

Graphic design: Bueronardin